Great Meal combo
Freshly made and delicious
Good Meals
You Can't Resist
With C villa
The fun never ends
With C villa
The fun never ends
With C villa
The fun never ends

Special Sunday Buffets

Come enjoy the taste of our awesome freshly made african and intercontinental dishes this sunday and every other sunday at a fraction of the original cost. 

Sunday afternoons are times for you to relax with friends and family and a wonderful meal in that mix is a perfect fit. Cvilla Sunday buffets are made just for you.



  • Fried Rice
  • Jollof Rice
  • White Rice


  • Semo
  • Poundo yam
  • Eba (Garri)


  • Ogbonno
  • Efo riro
  • Egusi


Beef – Chicken – Fish

21 seats confirmed, 29 to go!!! Reserve your seat Now!!!

Side attractions: Indoor Games, Karaoke, Soccer, Swiming, Music etc

You can also register off-line by calling these numbers: 07032623818 or 08122859239

Rules of Engagement (PLEASE READ)

1. A ticket admits only one person (parents coming with their kids will also have to register for the kids)

2. The buffet starts by 12 noon and will last for as long as there is still food.

3. Wastage is not allowed. In cases where attendees fill up their plates and end up wasting food, such attendee will be required to pay an additional 50% on the admission fee (this is aimed at reducing those who will intentionally waste available resources that could be of benefit to others)

4. Drinks are not included in the Buffet, attendees will have to pay for whatever drinks they would lot to take

5. Proteins are not unlimited for each attendee. Attendees have the choice of selecting two large pieces of fish, beef or chicken in any combination they prefer.

Buffet Registration

* are compulsory