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4 Jul

Pool Parties

Whether it is a casual get together or a more elaborate party, an adults-only pool party can be a fun event if it is planned appropriately.


The invitations to a pool party should clearly indicate that the pool is the focal point of the event. In addition to the regular details, a pool party invitation should note whether guests should bring their own towels or other pool accessories. To ensure the party is limited to adults, the invitation wording “adults only” or “no children please” should be clearly visible.


Predictable party decorations are not necessary for a sophisticated pool party, but there are several ways to add festive touches to an adult pool party without drowning in crepe and bows.

  • Mow the lawn, trim hedges, and weed flower beds a few days before the party for a neat setting.
  • Decorate the refreshments area or buffet table with tropical flower centerpieces, a carved fruit bowl, scattered shells, or other festive but sophisticated items.
  • Be sure there is plenty of seating for everyone, including loungers, benches, and other seats.
  • Use luxurious white linens on the tables and seating to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • Bamboo room dividers can help separate areas of the party, especially if you have food out or a lounge area that you want to keep dry.
  • Add a few festive touches around the pool area, such as tiki torches bedecked with plumeria leis or a set of faux palms.
  • Use chalkboard signs throughout the areas to help direct guests to the changing rooms/bathrooms, food, and extra towels. Put them on a stake and use brightly colored chalk markers and some hibiscus stencils to add to the decor.
  • Consider choosing a swimming pool party theme such as a Hawaiian luau or beach party to direct your decorations. Themes aren’t just for children’s parties and can really help you when choosing decorations and a color scheme.
  • Don’t forget to decorate the pool itself. For a sophisticated look, float these flowers in the pool or consider this pool fountain that can be installed in minutes.
The invitations to a pool party should clearly indicate that the pool is the focal point of the event.


While a kids’ pool party will involve any number of aquatic games, an adult party is generally more unstructured with plenty of opportunities for socializing freely. The pool – and a whirlpool, if available – will provide some distraction, and a loosely organized sexy swimsuit competition or belly flop contest can be fun diversions. Also consider providing some nice floaties for guests who just want to float and relax on the water.


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